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Repair Specialists Overview


With many years overhauling, repairing and re-certifying components, across a multitude of platforms, we are fully qualified and accredited to support all of your mechanical and electronic repair requirements.

Delivering a diverse range of repair solutions results in a reduction of administrative burdens and ultimately a reduction in turnaround times, keeping your assets operational. We continue to grow our network of strategic partners to improve the quality and breadth of repair services provided, striving to deliver our through-life support promise to our customers.


Repair and Overhaul: With considerable experience and knowledge of repairing aircraft components, we have built comprehensive in-house and partnered capabilities with the OEM and approved MRO vendors. We are able to deliver a range of repair solutions, which in turn reduces administrative burdens and ultimately a reduction in turnaround times, keeping your assets fully operational.

Support Services: With an extensive range of capabilities over a multitude of platforms, we offer solutions tailored to customers’ requirements, offering complete flexibility to reduce costs and improve turnaround times.

Encompassing fabrication, machining, surface preparation, localised surface treatments, surface finishing, complete assembly and test, we serve some of the most prestigious global organisations across many Air, Sea and Land operators.


Repair: Utilising OEM functional tools and advanced in-house techniques we are able to accurately identify defective components and systems. This approach ensures nearly all electronic circuits can be supported.

Obsolescence: During the product life cycle electronic circuits degrade and become unreliable, intermittent and often failures are not identified. Our electronic LRU and PCB review programme predicts and identifies common and expected faults utilising system tools and knowledge gained from extensive experience in this specialised field.

Manufacture: Whether through obsolescence or supply chain restrictions, PCBs can suffer from degradation and become depleted. We provide a smallbatch electronic manufacturing solution, working in partnership, to your approved designs, to ensure system integration and reliability within the main system assembly.

/Why choose ASL

ASL are experts in supplying, sourcing and repairing equipment and components. 100,000 sq.ft of fully stocked warehousing comprising over 500,000 lines of components, and many millions more available through a global supply chain network, ASL provides its customers with through-life support for your total peace of mind.

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