Land - ASL-UK

Overview (Land)

On land, ASL has extensive experience, from military spare parts for personnel carrier and tanks to trains and the underground. With extensive experience of providing turnkey test and diagnostic solutions to the technically demanding mass transit sector, we regularly work with transit authorities and organisations worldwide to provide solutions that often exceed their demanding challenges.

Whatever the challenge, we will work alongside you to implement solutions that will enable you to meet your targets, whether technical or financial, while helping to ensure the safety of your systems, and saving you money.

ASL has a proven track record within the mass transit sector, providing contract compliant turnkey functional repair / overhaul solutions for LRUs with:

  • Contract compliant documentation
  • Contract technical compliance
  • Excellent fault detection
  • Quick sign-off and acceptance
  • Accurate fault identification and Test functionality.

Working with the rail industry leaders, we have a breadth of knowledge of rolling stock that is unique. Our aim is to improve your operational fitness, responding with an integrated approach – from product supply to supply chain management issues.

Our team has met the challenges to re-manufacture brake control systems, wheel slide protection, power management and train management systems, with an approach of a clear safety case-free solution in a fraction of the cost and time to complete. With our dedicated support, we will help you reduce your TAC and downtime.

Example 1: Transport For London (TFL)

Our customer required a range of our services for their Deep Tube on the Central Line, namely:

  • Train Management Control System (Master and Slave)
  • Repair and review obsolescence
  • Repair and overhaul of electronic materials removing obsolescence
  • Replacement of components evaluated as prone to fail (short and long term)
  • Re-Manufacture of LRU (Line Replacement Unit) complete mechanical and electrical
  • Identify and service LU functional test equipment, validation of re-manufactures
  • Qualify with Ealing & Hainault depots.

With the successful completion of the project, TFL reported an increase in reliability to 98.7%. Long-term ROI was assured, with the project completed in 18 weeks and repairs returned to site within 2 weeks.

Example 2: Thales (France)

Our customer required us to re-manufacture assembly against a sample PCB for a radar system. Our challenge was to:

  • Create a circuit Diagram for multilayer 5 PCB
  • Validate electronic signature, download software and firmware
  • Create Gerber data
  • Create a manufacturing pack
  • Develop a functional test process
  • Create sample and qualify
  • Test validation on site France.

The re-manufacture and overhaul evaluation was completed within 12 weeks and the radar system is fully functional and operational.

Example 3: UK MOD

We recently re-manufactured a sample PCB for the Challenger Tank. Our challenge was to:

  • Create a circuit Diagram
  • Validate electronic signature
  • Create a manufacturing pack
  • Develop a functional test process
  • Create sample and qualify
  • Test validation.