Providing a partner approach to obsolescence management I ASL
obsolescence management

/Obsolescence Management – The Challenge


Obsolescence is the diminishing of manufacturing sources and materials availability. Obsolescence management is the need to understand why this has happened and then to plan and mitigate for these instances in the future.

Product and component obsolescence removes the opportunity to fulfil original investment and return on availability and is a major cost driver in today’s maintenance and support environments, impacting on equipment at every phase during the procurement process. It is widely understood that increased downtime is due to part shortages and decreased reliability – an alternative solution is demanded.

With a structured strategy and responsible partner it is possible to mitigate most risks. Our approach is to promote and recognise high standards of practice and professional competence in repair, overhaul and re-manufacture.

The ASL advantage

  • Key OEM support or OEM approved repair centre partnerships
  • Continued Professional Development and Business Process Assessment in Obsolescence Management
  • Development of Competence Recognition for Obsolescence Practitioners
  • Ongoing membership of IIOM (International Institute of Obsolescence Management)
  • Continuous investment in obsolete materials, systems and engineering solutions working to standard IEC62402: 2007
obsolescence or supply chain

/Obsolescence Management – Our Experience


Our experience at ASL affords us the ability to identify obsolescence risk at the earliest stage and then mitigate the risk with our extensive stock and customised obsolescence management programme.

ASL does not recommend reclamation of components from specific systems unless replacement materials are available to match the original manufacturer and specification.

Even though removal processes have improved recently, reclamation of components should only be implemented as a last resort or temporary measure until other resolutions can be determined.

Service features include

  • Proactive parts management
  • Continual eye on legacy equipment changes
  • Source equivalent components or re-engineer when alternatives unavailable
  • Hold ‘last time buy’ stock in bonded store
  • Stocking and provision even on perishable items
  • Component experience across many commodity groups
  • Experience of both proactive and reactive obsolescence management, therefore we can source and supply components as well as monitor components
  • Fully engineered solutions, Electronic or Mechanical
  • Refurbishment of circuit boards, conducting electrical and materials qualification testing