Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Service I ASL
Refurb of Electronic LRU and PCB

/Repair and Overhaul Management


An extensive range of capabilities over a multitude of platforms, with repair and overhaul, qualified at all levels. We continue to drive the repair, refurbishment and overhaul for all customer requirements.

ASL’s pursuit in delivering a high standard of support to customers ensures we work with those who deliver excellence in terms of customer service, support and turnaround.

Our partners and suppliers range from maintenance providers to OEMs, such as Honeywell, UK MoD, UTC Aerospace Systems, Rockwell Collins, GE, Eaton and Meggitt, to name a few.

We continue to grow our network of strategic partners to improve the quality and range of services we offer.

Our aim is to grow our business to support future investments and deliver our through-life support promise to our customers.

In building on our strategic partnership we work collaboratively with our partners to be more successful, competitive, cost-effective for a wider and diverse product range and we utilise each other’s skill sets to maximum advantage giving back that value to the customer.

The following services are offererd

  • Automatic Flight Control Systems
  • Airborne Detection and Indication Systems
  • Airborne Lifting and Towing Equipment
  • Carriage and Release Systems
  • Communication Equipment
  • Electrical Power Supplies and Distribution
  • Engines / Engine Accessories / Components
  • Environmental Controls
  • Fire and Emergency Systems
  • Flight Navigation Systems
  • Flight Instrumentation
  • Flying Controls
  • Fuel System Accessories / Components
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Intermediate Gearboxes
  • Landing Gear
  • Main Rotor Heads
  • Main Rotor Blades
  • Main Rotor Gearboxes and Drive Shafts
  • Oil System Components
  • Radar Landing Aids
  • Surveillance and Search Equipment
  • Tail Rotor Gearboxes and Drive Shafts
  • Tail Rotor Heads
  • Tail Rotor Blades
repair electronic systems

/Repair and Overhaul – Our Solutions


We provide repair and overhaul services from a variety of sources including our own in-house mechanical and electrical Overhaul and Repair Workshops. All our repair and overhaul workshops have the required accreditations and approvals to meet the customer’s requirements in this quality driven environment.

Tailored Programmes

Focusing on costs, customers are looking for a strategic partner offering an integrated approach and through-life support to deliver their requirements.
Our tailored programmes ensure that we deliver the cost reductions required, and support packages to ensure through-life operational availability.

Repair and overhaul programmes are managed and delivered through our in-house Mechanical and Electrical Workshops, complemented with global OEM approved repair and overhaul workshops – providing the desired flexibility during the repair process.


The ASL advantage

Due to throughput volumes on a number of programmes, we are able to deliver cost reductions which we immediately pass onto the customer. Should the programme benefit from a Long Term Agreement this gives the customer piece of mind when determining their repair and overhaul budget requirements.

The programme includes

  • Tailored component repair management support suiting the needs of the customer
  • Global repair facility location
  • Cost Savings and LTA benefits
  • Competitive repair pricing from a number strategic partners