aerospace engineering services



Our expertise is understanding your aerospace requirements – supplying, stocking and repairing a diverse range of equipment and components to ensure serviceability of your platform.

Formed in 1989, ASL was founded on the expertise of its Directors and staff who have many years experience in precision engineering in the aerospace business. Our strength is drawn from the special skills and expertise of the engineering team that, together with the necessary range of high quality components and supply chain, has allowed us to provide customers with a service that meets their precise requirements on-time and on-budget.

Benefits and services include

  • First class, hands-on management and flexible engineering solutions – all carried out by experienced, motivated professionals
  • In-house expertise which gives confidence and full understanding of the task
  • Aerospace engineering mechanic’s, in country, support if required
  • Bespoke customer training service
  • Technical and legislation compliant
  • Comprehensive insurance cover including professional indemnity
Defence engineering service



Our heritage at ASL began as a supplier and stockist of ex-UK MoD surplus equipment and components. Over the years we have developed and strengthened our services, priding ourselves on a breadth of industry experience, providing engineering solutions for various global defence customers.

Key Capabilities – aircraft

  • Engine: Engine & Component Repair / Engine Refurbishment
  • Turbine / NGV
  • APU / EMP
  • Housing Assembly
  • Avionics & Power: MPD/MFD / BIFU APU/GCU / EMP / Power Supplies
  • Instruments: Gyro / Displays / Analogue/Mechanical
  • Undercarriage and Fluid Systems: Hydraulics / Nose Wheel and Mains / Master Cylinder / Actuator
  • Structure: Window and Door Panels / Seats/Harness / Canopy / Air Frame Skin
  • Test: Bespoke test for Electronic Systems / Developed Functional Test system / Re-Manufactured OEM Functional Test

Platforms – aircraft

  • Sea Harrier, Harrier GR7/9 & AV8B, BAE Hawk, Tornado, SEPECAT Jaguar, Tri-Star and C130.
  • Engine & Gearbox – helicopter
  • Engine & Component Repair
  • Engine Refurbishment
  • Rotary Head
  • Servo
  • Housing Assembly

Avionics & Instruments – helicopter

  • Rate Gyroscope
  • Analogue Instruments
  • AFCS and associated systems
  • Doppler 71 /91
  • DNC
  • Structure – helicopter
  • Window and Door Panels
  • Seats
  • Hoist

Undercarriage System – helicopter

  • Hydraulics
  • Strut Assembly
  • Master Cylinder
Rail engineering services



Working with the rail industry leaders, we have a breadth of knowledge of rolling stock that is unique. Our aim at ASL is to improve the operational fitness of our mass transit customers, utilising our 40 years of operational experience.

We respond with an integrated approach – from product supply to supply chain management issues.

The Team at ASL has previously met challenges to re-manufacture brake control systems, wheel slide protection, power management and train management systems. The approach of ASL was to offer a clear safety case-free solution in a fraction of the cost and time to complete. With dedicated support, ASL will reduce your TAC and downtime.

Integrated Services

  • Materials supply
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Reconditioning
  • Re-manufacturing
  • Fault finding
  • Confidence testing
  • Software development
Marine engineering services


We provide multi-faceted solutions to the marine industry. Our depth of engineering services is well supported with the traditional supply of spares and components and the repair of electrical and electronic components and navigational equipment.

As an example, we supply and service Navigation and Control equipment, PXI and automated systems and associated parts to the Military and Offshore industries. We are an approved sub-supplier of Rockwell equipment.

Our customer base in Asia and Europe, in particular, has requested that we provide legacy electronics spares based on UK manufactured and supplied ships. With recent changes in many OEM’s approach to its capabilities, we have found that many of our customers were no longer able to purchase or repair equipment, the skill fade or desire to support aged equipment was not an option.We are here to help and assist your long term need to maintain fleet equipment to end of life.