Maintenance and repair of electronic systems I ASL
Electronic Support

/Electronic – Extending life of systems


A highly skilled service for the maintenance and life extension of high and low value electronic circuits and LRUs. At ASL, we extend the life of electronic systems through repair, refurbishment and re-manufacture solutions.

Our integrated service encompasses materials supply, repair, refurbishment, reconditioning, re-manufacturing, fault finding, confidence testing and software development. We identify components that have degraded or are at risk of becoming obsolete, replacing them with exact or direct equivalents.

With the ever depleting stocks and degradation within wiring systems and control equipment, ASL has the proven skills to replicate, refurbish and develop test and control functionality.


Our electrical support service covers

  • The clear identification and correction of failed components or assemblies
  • The accurate fault finding and repair using advanced techniques
  • Proven processes and knowledge for 40+ years
  • The design, supply, installation of complex electrical and electronic equipment
  • With ever depleting stocks and degradation within wiring systems and control equipment, ASL has the proven skills to replicate, refurbish and develop test and control functionality
AOG Service

/Electronic – Repair


We provide accurate fault finding using OEM functional tools and advanced in-house techniques producing accurate identification of defect components and systems. This approach ensures most electronic circuits can be supported.

Our fault finding, verification, installation, acceptance and commissioning skills are unrivalled in the industry and provide considerable added value to any project.

Service features include

  • Fault diagnosis
  • Fault repaired and/or component replaced with generic component or direct equivalent
  • Develop functional test process
  • Circuit tested for confidence
  • Effective repairs by skilled technicians
  • Repairs and Rework to IPC standards
  • Cost effective service
  • Warranty on repairs
  • End-of-life maintenance cover
Refurb of Electronic LRU and PCB

/Electronic – Reburbishment


Electronic LRU and PCB refurbishment is an extension of repair, providing a long-term solution to unreliable components. During the product life cycle electronic circuits degrade and become unreliable, intermittent and often failures are not identifiable.

We will predict and identify common and expected faults utilising system tools and knowledge gained from extensive experience in this specialised field.

The ASL Advantage

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Support for most electronic circuits and LRU systems
  • Long-term solutions to unreliable components
  • Extensive in-service experience
obsolescence or supply chain

/Electronic – Re-manufacture


Whether through obsolescence or supply chain restrictions, PCBs can suffer from degradation and become depleted.

Working from an existing circuit or LRU, we provide a replicated solution both electronically and mechanically. During the process of replication the documentation pack will be delivered to regenerate equipment for the future.

In the event that materials are unavailable a direct alternative will be provided, engineered with due diligence. All product details will be supplied with a complete methodology statement confirming risk and future availability.

ASL delivers, with no detail provided

  • Electronic BOM (bill of materials)
  • Full electronic schematic
  • Gerber data (pcb manufacture)
  • Software and firmware data
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Functional test equipment manufactured or supplied
repair, refurbishment, overhaul and remanufacture

/electronic – Obsolescence Management


With a structured strategy and responsible partner, it is possible to mitigate most risks.

Our approach is to promote and recognise high standards of practice and professional competence in repair, refurbishment, overhaul and remanufacture.

The highest standards of professional competence

  • Key OEM Support or OEM approved repair centre partnerships
  • Continued Professional Development and Business Process Assessment in Obsolescence Management
  • Development of Competence Recognition for Obsolescence Practitioners
  • Ongoing membership of the IIOM (International Institute of Obsolescence Management)
obsolescence management

/Mechanical support – Tailored solutions


ASL has a dedicated and experienced team which has developed and grown from its day-to-day in-house and partnered repair activities. We have an extensive range of capabilities over a multitude of platforms. We offer solutions tailored to customers’ requirements, offering complete flexibility to reduce costs and turnaround times.

Encompassing fabrication, machining, surface preparation, localised surface treatments, surface finishing, assembly and test, we serve some of the most innovative, technology driven global companies across a variety of market sectors.

We provide integrated solutions for the critical spares management service to the Defence, Aviation and Mass Transit industries. We offer the same level of service to defence operations as that expected by civil aviation markets in terms of component, repair and overhaul. The demands of our Mass Transit customers are treated as an AOG Support service.

With quality and price being the key objective, we are proud to include many global end-users and operators as part of our customer base.

At ASL, we offer in-house support for many items, with the anticipation of expanding our rotary product types through recent strategic programme agreements and sustained investment, thus enhancing our in-house offerings.

Added Value Through Efficiency

Our critical spares management system has been developed over the past 40 years. This has enabled greater efficiency and cost savings up and down the supply chain as a whole. These important advances have enabled both suppliers and customers to achieve added value through production cost savings and low administration cost with key assets in service.

This versatile and fully integrated approach allows us to continually react to procurement policies, within the commercial, military and defence sectors and to react to our customers’ ever changing needs.

In-house capabilities

  • Pneumatic components and assemblies
  • Fuel system components and assemblies
  • Landing Gear and associated equipment
  • Engine Components
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Engine accessories
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Finishing
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding
repair electronic systems

/Mechanical Support – Repair & Overhaul Management


With over 40 years of repairing aircraft components, we have built comprehensive partnered relationships with OEM approved and repair vendors. We are able to deliver a range of repair solutions, which in turn reduces administrative burdens and ultimately a reduction in turnaround times, keeping your assets operational.

Aerospace Engineering Solutions

We have many years of experience providing aerospace engineering solutions for specific project requirements. This level of expertise allows us to offer ‘fast turnaround’ engineering services for small to medium size batch production, prototype and development, testing and inspection, tooling and a full range of machine shop processes.

Quality Management

With ASL’s drive to enhance systems and processes our approval to EN9110 and AS9100 gives customers piece of mind when utilising our engineering services.