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Inventory Management

/Inventory Management


Our customers receive a seamless, uninterrupted stream of product and service, both into and out of the existing inventory.

As inventory is often the largest item in our customers’ current assets category, efficient inventory management is crucial for the smooth running of your business.

We ensure to

  • Balance both supply chain and technical requirements, negating unpredictable and complicated demand patterns
  • Stock items you actually don’t want to use but that you absolutely must hold
  • Manage items of small value that are critically important
  • Deal with stock costs disproportionately high compared to the item value
  • Reduce your holding of large volumes of obsolete stock



/In-country Support


We are supported by a global network of liaison offices and partnership arrangements serving our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Far East, Oceania, United States and South America.

Precise supply chain assessment and management is vital. ASL focuses on providing secure, innovative, and time sensitive solutions for all our customers. With a global presence, we strive to provide top tier performance with unprecedented operational excellence. Our aviation and aerospace customers have critical needs for superior supply chain solutions; ASL offers tailored solutions customised to meet your specific needs.

ASL Worldwide Presence

Aircraft on Ground

/AOG Support


A proven AOG service that operates from our Head Offices, we are strategically located between the UK airports of Heathrow and Gatwick.

We know the importance of keeping Aircraft on Ground (AOG) to a minimum. An efficient and responsive service is crucial, and ASL has the experience to provide operators with the reassurance they require. We provide a rapid service, dispatching from our warehousing facility within 1 hour of your AOG call or request.

The ASL AOG advantage

  • Strategically located between the major UK airports of Heathrow and Gatwick
  • 350,000 lines of stocked components
  • Superior levels of industry and product knowledge
  • Over 40 years of experience supplying, stocking and repairing equipment and components
  • A dedicated team ready to rapidly respond to ensure minimum AOG


AOG Support

/End-of-life Strategies


With proven expertise in the development and execution of end-of-life strategies, we work with customers to extend the return on their investments. Working with our valued customers we provide a robust strategy to manage a variety of aircraft requirements. Pre-planned support packages for flight serviceable materials continue to drive the ASL business model. With key investment and focus on legacy procurement we provide turnkey solutions to extend your return on investment.

Providing aviation manufacturers and airlines global supply chain requirements, we deliver sustainable end-of-life solutions for a number of aircraft platforms.

With a variety of options for an aircraft’s end-of-life we are able to offer service parts removal programmes including Part 145 Repair Station Service.

The disposal of assets can be arranged if required, and offer service to catalogue, pack and ship of all of an aircraft’s parts and equipment. Additionally, repair and overhaul facilities can certify many parts and components to optimise the value of a customer’s asset.

Service features include

  • AFRA accredited disassembly and dismantling services
  • ASA-100 (FAA AC 00-56A) accredited component management
  • AFRA accredited recycling services
  • Parting out – this provides additional certified and re-certified stock
  • Value return on unserviceable material – should material be deemed unserviceable through the repair process, ASL can evaluate whether any of the material within the rotable asset can be re-utilised in other programmes
Refurb of Electronic LRU and PCB

/Supply Chain Solutions


Through our extensive partnered strategic supply chain relationships we provide solutions from sourcing small piece parts and sourcing ‘the impossible’ through to specialist services.

Precise supply chain assessment and management is vital. ASL focuses on providing secure, innovative, and time sensitive solutions for all our customers.

The ASL Advantage

  • Strong links with strategic partners
  • Tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • Focusing on innovative, time sensitive solutions
  • Extensive capabilities across many platforms
obsolescence or supply chain

/Consignment Stock Programmes


In supporting many global customers ASL can turn your slow moving or surplus inventory into a performing asset giving you a return on your investment through access to the global market place.

In consigning your inventory to us, we will manage the entire process for you – from initial customer enquiry, whether that be for straight supply or for the exchange/loan of rotable assets.

The ASL Advantage

  • Turning surplus inventory into a performing asset
  • Giving you a ROI through access to the global market place
  • Offering tailored solutions to meet your contractual requirements
  • Managing the entire consignment stock process on your behalf
AOG Service

/Excess Inventory Disposal


With customers facing issues of over-forecasting, downsizing or end-of-life situations, there is often the challenge of excess inventory. Our dedicated team proactively market your excess material to maximise your return on investment.

Whether you require immediate disposal of your excess inventory or to have it professionally managed, we offer a flexible, tailored and effective solution.

Our service includes

  • On-site review of your excess inventory
  • Global marketing by a dedicated team
  • Regular reporting of progress to review asset performance
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Outright excess inventory evaluation and purchase